Sacred Connection  Stereo cassette

Promote the flow of healing energy with this wonderful tape. Sacred Connection is a guided exercise designed for individual use, healer/client use, or in a group setting for teaching purposes.  This chakra balancing exercise also includes healing affirmations and visualizations, and will promote the flow of healing energy throughout the body. Enhance your healing potential with this instructional cassette tape.


Angels and Spirit Guides  Stereo cassette

A wonderfully interesting presentation by Kathe Angell, (yes, her real name!) reiki master, teacher and healer. Kathe began seeing and working with angels and spirit guides in 1980, and tells of her many extraordinary experiences on this tape. Heartwarming and fun! A guided meditation is also included to help you get in touch with your own angel or spirit guide.


Healing Waves  Stereo cassette

Soothing musical tones with real ocean waves, this recording was designed for healing work and deep relaxation. Composed and recorded by a Healing Touch/ Reiki practitioner. Unique to this tape are subtle wind chime sounds at one minute intervals, useful for energy workers holding timed positions. Use this soundtrack to allow yourself or another to reach a receptive state for healing. Very relaxing. Cassette tape.


Feng Shui Essentials

This instructional tape contains a wealth of practical information. Learn what you can do with this ancient art to bring balance, harmony and positive energy into all areas of your life and home. Learn the three closely guarded secrets of Feng Shui. Clearly explained with included diagrams and a contemporary bagua map. Full of ideas and suggestions you can use immediately in and around your home and business.



Healing Hands T-shirt  

A wonderful design with a wonderful message! Healing Hands- Share the Energy! Two hands spreading energy that radiates into the chakra colors, this natural color heavyweight tee is a delight to wear. Great for massage therapists or Reiki, Healing Touch, or Essential Oil practitioners!  Small (3" high) Spark of Life logo on the back.

Med, Large, XL    #HH-TEE.....$11.00


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